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Four to Six weeks before moving day

  • Make sure you have arranged all packing materials. We can supply all packing materials required and arrange a convenient time to deliver.
  • When packing, we advise writing on the top of the box a brief description of the contents and the room that you would like the box place in at your new home.
  • Should you have any access issues at your property, contact your local council or speak with your neighbours to secure parking for the removal vehicle(s). Some of our removal lorries require a large space to park and manoeuvre.
  • Notify your utility companies, your broadband and TV providers of your moving date.

Two to Three weeks before moving day

  • If you need to have your post redirected, let the post office know.
  • Arrange for someone to have children or pets on moving day.
  • Start running down freezer foods.

One week before moving day

  • Confirm arrival time and any final arrangements.
  • Start dismantling any furniture. We recommend putting the screws and fittings in to a sandwich bag and marking which item of furniture they belong too.
  • Make sure you have enough packing materials left, if you need any contact us and we can arrange delivery.

Three days before moving day

  • Ensure any keys, instruction manuals or documents that you need to hand are in a safe place.
  • Make a box of essentials for moving day such as toiletries, handbags, phones, chargers, toilet roll, tea, coffee, kettle, basic crockery, wallet.
  • Make sure you have all moving paperwork and contact details for estate agents, solicitors and mortgage brokers available.

Two days before moving day

  • Defrost your freezer (if moving long distance or into storage).
  • Confirm with the estate agent or landlord when you will be getting the keys to your new home on moving day.

The day before moving day

  • All packing should now be done, just leave out essential items.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged for moving day.

Moving Day checklist – At your current property

  • Show the removal foreman around the property, make sure he knows exactly what is going and if anything is staying. If you have any queries about the day, be sure to ask and he will be happy to help.
  • Make a note of all meter readings.
  • Once the team are loaded, do a final walk round with the foreman to make everything is on the vehicle(s).
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Leave all keys and paperwork on the kitchen side for the new occupiers.

Moving day – At your new property

  • Try and arrive as soon as completion has taken place or you get the keys.
  • Take the removal foreman round, show him exactly where you want everything, which room is which and if any large items of furniture are changing rooms.
  • Check the meter readings and make a note of the location of the stop clock and fuse board.
  • Once the removal team have finished, the foreman will take you on a final walk round to ensure you are happy.
  • Do not try and unpack everything today – there is no rush!
  • And finally, enjoy your new home.